Cockerel with Swelling Around the Eye

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    Feb 12, 2016
    Help! First time chicken owner here and I have a new-to-me issue. Archie, our 7 month old crested cream legbar cockerel has swelling around one eye. The other seems to be fine. There is no discharge or cloudiness. It's kind of squishy when I push on it (and he doesn't seem bothered when I do that). I don't see any white that would indicate an eyeworm and I'm just not sure what I'm dealing with. His behavior is normal...eating, drinking, watching out for his girls, etc. I've searched and there are so many different things, I thought I'd ask here and see if some of you seasoned chicken owners could help me. Pics below. LMK if there is anything I missed! Thanks so much.


    Another view:


    And here you can see the other side. No swelling or anything there.

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    Ouch, looks like the poor guy has an eye injury/infection. It could be a sign of a respiratory disease but with no other symptoms I wouldn't jump to that conclusion just yet.

    You can treat it by getting terramycin to put in his eye and hopefully that will clear it up.
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