Cockerels- GONE!! FOUND NEW HOME!!

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    The guys have found a new home!!! Yay!!! [​IMG]

    Do not hit Buy It Now These guys are free and it will end my ad! Just PM me.

    I have various roos that need a new place to roost--I just have too many. Actually I have decided I am only going to keep 1 banty roo and all the others have to go, including my beloved wyandotte Vyvvyn( I may change my mind on this one). It was a VERY hard decision for me to make to give them away. I hatched and raised these guys (they're my first two hatches). No hens for sale at this time.

    There are 5 LF slw/blrw mixes, 2 LF splash cochin, 1 LF blue orpington ( a beautiful BIG boy!) and 4 bantam mille fleur d'uccle which are from sq stock, though not from my own birds, so no guarantee. All these are 12 weeks old.

    Next batch is from mystery eggs someone gave me and I think they turned out to be ee's and ee mixes. There are 7 of them and they are 8 weeks old. These guys matured MUCH faster than my first batch.

    These boys have to go soon, as my hen house is STILL (**Strong hint to the hubby**) not built and these guys are still in my house!! Argh!!

    Pick up only--cannot ship. I live in Greene County, in southwestern PA- about an hour and a half south of Pittsburgh. 20 miles west of Waynesburg, PA. 45 min south of Washington PA. Could possibly meet somewhere as well, within reasonable distance.

    8 weekers: #5 is the only one with gray legs.

    LF 12 weeks:

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