Cockerels in NH - Barnevelder and Cream legbar local pickup only

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    Mar 20, 2016
    Georges Mills, NH

    Two young roosters (cockerels) looking for new homes
    One is a Rose combed Crested Cream Legbar of Michael Baker (WA state) lines Hatched April 28. Michael has been working on his rose combed Cream legbars for many years
    This is a unique opportunity for a NH person to obtain one of these birds. he has a crest already. He is not cuddle friendly but not aggressive either. he is living in the house still and fairly bombproof about the crazy stuff and noises that happen in a house with big wild dogs (photos at 6 and 3 weeks old). This roo will carry blue and blue green egg color genes - $15

    The other one is a very lovely Barnevelder of Fossil Rock (NY) lines (Johan and Dutch connection combo) hatched March 25. Just starting to crow (pictured at 8 weeks old) - FREE
    I MAY have more Barnevelder Roos available (same lines) in a few weeks and possibly another Legbar roo too
    I am in Unity NH Not NPIP yet
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