Cockerels in North FL or South GA

Discussion in 'Chickens 8 Weeks & Older' started by kraftyladies, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. kraftyladies

    kraftyladies The Back Acres Farm

    Apr 11, 2011
    Sunny North FL
    I am looking for a few cockerels/roosters.

    LF Salmon Favorelle Cockerel or roo
    Lavender Ameraucana roo/cockerel
    Lavender Orpington roo/cockerel

    Would like to find some within reasonable driving distance, or possibly would consider having one shipped. Please send a PM with what you have and price. Thank you!!
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  2. amy008

    amy008 Out Of The Brooder

    Sep 6, 2012
    Hello im new to the site so not sure how to contact you lol. I have 2 organically raised large 4 month old llavender orpington roosters for sale. im willing to ship them to you at your expense. they are from the hink-jc line of birds. Healthiest birds i have raised.

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