Cockrel chasing pullets?

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    I have an almost 5 mo old Salmon fav cockrel. He has been in w/ a flock of 17 girls, varying ages of 2 yrs old to same age as he is. Tonight when I was closing them up he was in HOT PURSUIT of a pullet 1 month older than he is. He chased this poor girl around the run a few times before finally catching up to her & pinning her down & attempting to "do the deed" The poor pullet was screaming & was covered with mud (it's been raining for days on end) Now I know that he's new at the whole mating process & his technique will improve w/ time, I just totally didn't forsee the chasing part. I was under the impression that they do a little dance for the girls, then they just hop on, do their thing & all is good. The whole chasing & screaming I can live without. How much longer before he figures it out & the girls accept whats happening w/out the chasing & screaming?
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    It took my cockerel about a month to stop chasing and "raping" as I called it. Now if the pullets are willing they will squat for him. He only mounts now if they squat. no more "raping". Give him a month to get it down. But in the same breath, inspect all your girls saddle areas well. I found one of mine last week with a tear in her skin from his rear claw(spurs aren't in yet) and had to put her in the infirmary for a week to heal. Her wing covered it so none of the girls picked on her, just found on an inspection. The mating now is quiet and pretty quick, usually less than 5 seconds.

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