Cockrell or pullet


In the Brooder
6 Years
Jul 8, 2013
Can you please tell me if this is a cockrell or pullet? Supposed to be 8 wks old.

They said 8 wks old and supposed to be a Easter Egger. I wonder if she is a bantam, seems like the others were bigger at that age.
Thank you! I was worried about the coloring. I tried to pick out the one with the smallest feet and no comb. They got them from a hatchery and they were all supposed to be pullets but one had a red comb and some big feet.
At first the color looks like an EE roo color but it's hard to tell in the pic. Is it getting any darker red feathers? EE roos have splotchy coloring where pullets are consistent. Better pics would help determine for sure.

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