coconut water and apple cider vinegar

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    Aug 3, 2014
    How do you give chickens coconut milk? I lost 2 of my hens to racoons 2 weeks ago ago and we moved them to another pen closer to the house.Now 1 is acting ill and another remaining chicken is acting like its going broody even though there are no eggs in the box. I know they are stressed over this. I thought to try giving them apple cider vinegar and want to try the coconut water. Is it alright to try both at the same time. I make them a pot of rice and oatmeal with flax seed, lentils,split peas and other mixed veggies almost daily in addition to their layer pellets. Can I just mixed the coconut milk into the rice mix? How often should i give them the coconut water and vinegar? I thank you all for your advice.

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