Coffee Making Epiphany !! Cleaning Your GRINDER !!

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  1. I know that I've had these epiphanys in the past about how great my coffee suddenly tasted when I CLEANED MY ESPRESSO MACHINE with a commercial product. Did the rinse cycle after using something like CLEANCAFFE...

    WELL, how about this for a twist... When was the last time you cleaned your burr grinder ?? Yeah.
    Me I bought my Gaggia MDF back in November of 1988 !! Used the same grinder day to day all this time. NEVER once cleaned it. Well I was noticing that the doggone thing would no longer adjust grind sizes so ahunting I went on Yahoo on how to disassemble my MDF... Folks I don't think it is a user serviceable grinder. BUT while looking on YouTube for how to clean a grinder I came across a video where the dude cleans his grinder out with white rice. Yeah, dry uncooked white rice. I took the plunge. Removed all beans from the hopper and cleared the grounds hopper too. Added 1 cup of long grain white rice and turned the grinder on. I had my machine set at 1 1/2 - just about the finest grind the MDF can do, super fine espresso... I turned on the machine and let her grind away, flicking the doser every 10 seconds or so.... I had a square food storage container under the doser hopper and it was interesting to see what came out of there change from dark to salt and pepper shades and then all white. I ran out the whole cup of rice and really flicked that dosing lever a lot. Then I added some coffee back and ran about 1/3 of a cup of beans thru my MDF... And yeah at first it was salt and pepper looking as the hopper cleared out an remaining rice dust. But in no time it had gone from salt and pepper to that lovely dark brown grounds.

    Now it was time to step up to the plate and make some coffee... WOW what a great clean tasting cup. THINK ABOUT IT, those burrs had 25 YEARS of oils and gunk accumulated on them. The difference in the clean taste of the finished product is hard to explain it is soooo doggone good !! Ya gotta try it. I believe that anyone that uses a non burr grinder like a Bunn or any other round type grinder would also benefit from this cleaning exercise... Yeah sure you can spend big bucks on some cleaning tablets you pour in but white rice worked really well for me. Give it a go !!
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    What a great idea! I have a grinder that I use solely for spices and sometimes the taste of one spice gets mixed up with another. I'll give this a try between spices to see if it helps.
  3. It will... But back to coffee, imagine how clean and fresh your coffee will taste trying this. Especially if you have owned the grinder a long time like I have (man I can't tell you what and where that grinder has been, its pretty epic).

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