Coffee with the Three Tenors!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by MelissaSueGA, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. MelissaSueGA

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    Jul 8, 2011
    Hey Ya'll,
    I am a first time chicken owner-and BYC poster- and have quite a few questions. So thanks in advance...
    I got 12 chicks 12/13 weeks ago, 8 of whom(the buff and splash Orpingtons and blue and black ameraucanas) where straight run and I am confused about sex. I had ID one of my black ameraucanas as a boy and sure enough last week he started to honk like a goose whilst working on his crow. I had never seen him at it as he would only crow around my parents and was always quiet as a church mouse when I was near. SSOOo yesterday morning when I walked out of the house and heard crowing I high-tailed it to the coop to peep in the window and what did I see...... Three-Chickens-a-crowin'. Sure enough Nigel-the ameraucana was at it on the roost and my 2 lap orpingtons were joining in.
    I have been thinking the Orps where hens and was rather surprised. I would describe them a being rather brassy and I almost had the feeling thay where simply trying to mock Nigel. I know I am crazy:) Is this possible? They where sitiing on the roost rather than standing as little Nigel was. Do rooster ever sit when they crow? I would post pics but I don't have my camera this week. Does anyone have any pics handy of their 13 week old Splash and Buff Orpingtons? Am I in denile? Crazy? But more importantly, who wants my little boys?[​IMG]
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