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    What is the minimum temp that Toulouse can stand outside

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    Quote:I don't know what the minimum is but I have seen them fairly confortable below freezing
  3. Here in Nebraska we just had one of the worst winters - EVER. I keep Roman's and Sebbies. Our temps dipped well below zero as in minus 35 below ACTUAL temps not wind chill a couple of times this winter. My geese stayed in the barn on the coldest of cold days but keep in mind - it was well below zero in the barn too. They made it through just fine and are no worse for wear. No frost bite or anything like that. I do keep electric 5 gallon buckets plugged in so they have warm water available to them at all times. I use pine shavings in their stalls. They were out and about on days where the temps were 5 to 10 degrees without any trouble. On the days where winds were very high and so the wind chill was a factor - they had a choice to stay in the barn or be outside - sometimes I was surprised that they spent as much time outside as they did.

    I guess that's the reason some of the best and warmest clothing available for us humans to wear during cold weather - is made with goose down. [​IMG]!

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