Cold Morning Breakfast for chickens


Mar 24, 2020
New Jersey
On cold mornings I usually give my flock some hot oatmeal and recently read you can give them scrambled eggs. What other warm treats are okay for chickens on cold mornings?
When I started, I made cornmeal mush... only to have it freeze solid, and they did not seem too impressed. Mine really like left over cornbread.

One of the issues in cold weather is water. I too have tried wetting the crumbles, but again freezes into a solid block. What I have had very good luck with is soaking grain 24-36 hours, and then draining it, and feeding the water logged grain. Helps with hydration. The grains don't seem to freeze together in such a clump. My chickens really like this.

Mrs K
love all the ideas thank you. This morning it was cold so they had hot oatmeal which is their favorite. Brought it out and in a minute they were done. I'm going to be giving them scrambled eggs Saturday.
I prepare a small amount of instant oatmeal (1 dry tsp/bird) topped with some dried meal worms on cold mornings. Personally, I prefer apple & cinnamon, but you have to take your audience into account. :) It gives them some extra carbs (like corn) which gives them some additional calories to burn as body heat.

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