cold nights - coop temp 48*F

ricky bamboo

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Sep 3, 2008
Roseville, Ontario.
my 20 cornishx are now almost 6 weeks and are feathered for the most part , but some seem to be alittle bare under the wings and on the breast.
I removed the light last week, and since then we have had a real cold and wet snap. tonights temp is around freezing and it's 48 in the coop. The birds have all been sleeping togethor side by side. Should I put the light back out there or are they fine without?
They don't grow a lot of feathers. It's normal for them to be bare on their breasts and to an extent, under their wings as well. Some grow more feathers than others, too.

I also agree with the others. You can normally remove heatlamps by the time they are 2 or 3 weeks old, depending on temps.
You'll probably be fine without them, as Cornish X's can handle cold WAY better than hot, but I keep heat lamps on my birds in the tractor anyway during cold seasons, just to be safe. I also cover the whole tractor with a tarp at night. As long as the weather is cold, they don't get TOO hot, it prevents piling, reduces stress,and keeps the wind/rain out. I uncover them in the morning, but usually leave the heat lamps on, so they can choose what temp. area they want.

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