Cold weather and automatic door

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    I've read that I don't need a heat lamp for my coop even in these cold WI winters, but to make sure it's draft free. I have an automatic door on the coop so do I just disable it and keep them confined to the coop when it's below freezing, or should I allow them outdoor access if they want it? Thanks I'm new and this is my first winter with chickens.
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    No, give them the access to go outside if they want to. Draft free means at night, when they are roosting. Your door will be closed at night. Chickens can handle cold remarkably well, better so than heat. If you have a door that triggers off of a light sensor, you won't be able to put a light inside, or it will trigger the door to open.
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    My pop door faces the prevailing wind direction, so I made a 'foyer' out of old windows to block the wind.
    It also protects the 'under run'...part of the run that is underneath the coop.
    ......and the awning protects the pop door and ramp from snow buildup.
    My pop door is not automatic.


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