cold weather + chickens in Roanoke VA

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  1. kchittum

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    Nov 12, 2013
    So, it's the first really cold night of the season and I have four chickens that are a year and a half old. Two seem to be about half way through the molting process, one is nearly through it and one is back to being fully feathered. They sleep in a raised coop. Tonight I noticed that one of the molting ones is in the nesting box in the coop while the other three are on their perch.

    Do I need to put a heat source in for added warmth? Last year when it was cold I tried to put the red heat lamp I used when they were babies in the coop, however it seemed to freak them out. My husband says I need to leave them alone because they will not acclimate if I artificially raise the temperature. What do you do?
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