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    Jan 7, 2013
    It is 45 degrees here and i know thats now cold to some people on here but i live in the south and that ia cold to me..I know that u need to see your animals every day and i do try to spend time with them every day, but i can't deal with water in this cold but i have to change their water about every 3 days and was woundering what every one uses sso i can fill like once a week and don't say get a bigger water container.Thanks
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    If you don't want a larger container, you can set up multiple containers that are smaller. That would be easier to lift. If you are using the galvanized ones, I have only found the 5 gallon ones to be reliable in terms of leaking. So I won't buy the 2 gallon ones anymore. So make sure your containers won't leak if you are only filling every 3 days.

    For freezing weather, I like the rubber fortex tubs but I just bring a gallon apple juice jug out every day (or twice a day if VERY cold like 10 degrees out) and fill. If it freezes just turn the black tub upside down and step on it, and the ice slides right out.

    If you get a heated base for your waterer you won't have to worry about freezing water, either. But they do need to be indoors.
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    Oops just saw this was posted to peafowl. I don't have peafowl...only chickens.

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