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Aug 30, 2009
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My Coop
I was doing some digging, and initially found the part in the ordinance that says "1 animal unit per acre" and took that to mean one chicken per acre.

Upon further digging, in the index, it gave a definition of what an animal unit is. Breaks down like this...

6 chickens
4 turkeys
.5 horse
.5 cow
1 pig
2 sheep

They base it on how much poo they create. Funny!

So if you can't find clear definitions, check the index! I've about read the whole thing now, to be sure I've seen everything animal related, and fence related.
Hey I live over on Poole Rd. Do you raise chickens in Colerain and on how much land? Have you ever had problems with the authorities? Very interested but scared I will run into opposition...
I don't, we ended up not moving over there. A couple of people do though, I am unsure of if they've had any complaints or not. We're still in the city proper, with 6 chickens, 3 years going now and no complaints. The biggest thing seems to be cleanliness and not having a rooster that crows at all hours.

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