Collecting eggs = birth (hatching) control

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  1. The hens are just going absolutely BROODY !!

    Even the Guineas are lying and sitting. I let it ride all winter, the lying where ever a hen could. My goodness it was like an easter egg hunt everyday. I found eggs EVERYWHERE !!

    Well, I got some nesting boxes and two big water tubs off the grounds. I also set up my old wooden nesting boxes in the office because they found a few "nice" places like the top of my office table, the open shavings bags on the office floor, the "sick bird" cage that has a "nice" blanket over it. OK, guys STOP !!

    Very slowing this is going to COME to an END.

    I have found broody hens on just about every one of the old favorites with hens in line to use them. NO MORE.

    I an religous about collecting eggs because I WILL HAVE babies if I do not.

    Hope your coop or barn is as actve and fun as mine.

  2. Wifezilla

    Wifezilla Positively Ducky

    Oct 2, 2008
    I was on vacation this weekend and hubby was home with the ducks. He told me on Sunday he thought something might be wrong with Lana, my buff duck. Since we had a duck die on us last week, he was worried. He said "she wont come out of the hutch".

    I said, "did you remember to collect the eggs while I was gone?"

    He hadn't and Lana was thinking about going broody on us [​IMG]

    I can't afford the loss of egg production right now, but it is nice to know she will set a clutch given the opportunity [​IMG]

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