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    Jan 9, 2014
    I just got an incubator (hovabator) and am looking forward to learning to hatch both chicken and duck eggs this year. I'd like to start with the chicken eggs first and wanted some advice on collecting fertile eggs from my current flock. I currently have 20 hens and pullets (aged 6 months up to 2-3 years old , just don't think the youngest have started laying yet) and an approximently 6 month old olive egger roo. He just started crowing in the past couple weeks and I have caught him on hens more than once. I've been getting 8-12 eggs daily for the past week or two and have a pretty good idea of which hens are laying. Would it be advisable to seperate a few of those hens and keep the roo just with them to ensure greater fertiliy rates on the eggs or is there just as much chance he's able to service those that are laying when they're mixed in the general population of the flock? I'm not trying for a perfect hatch, I just figured since my ratio is pretty high, it may be easier for him with less hens. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    First........................[​IMG]..So happy to have you a part of our hatching group....
    I started hatching about 5 years ago and have not slowed down........=)
    You will likely get some different feedback . I will share my experience.
    20 hens for 1 Roo is quite a few.......If memory serves me, 10 is a better number for him.
    You could leave him with 20 but will have a number of unfertile eggs.
    I have one Roo with my layer flock..18.he does a great job with them as far as protection..(sounding the alarm if there is a threat)
    and breaking up any squabbles........It is fun to watch, if two hens have a little argument, he just walks in between them and they quit..=)
    He has a few favorite hens that he mates with.
    I use 1 Roo for 6 hens for my breeding stock...........
    Good Luck.

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