Collecting, storing, cleaning eggs, etc..


Mar 5, 2016
Ok so I've heard and read so many different opinions on how to store eggs that I want to get some answers from everyone else.

I've had chickens now for almost 4 years. If the eggs are clean (or almost completely), I store on the counter for a few days to a week and then refridgerate.
If the eggs are dirty I will rinse in cool water and then refridgerate.
I've heard that eggs should never be dirty..I'm not sure how that is possible when we've had so much rain and snow that the ground & run are muddy a lot. It would seem impossible to always have clean eggs. I believe most of the time that it is mud but I'm never 100% that it's not poo as well so I just rinse the eggs anyways.
So I thought that after rinsing the eggs and refridgerating that they can last up to 6 months in the fridge. But I've recently heard that they only last that long when put in the fridge unwashed.
SO my questions are- how long do eggs last in the fridge rinsed? 2 months? Any tips for muddy ground/runs? My chickens part time free range. Any other tips??

Thank you!
It's best to wash eggs in warm running water, not cold, so the water is warmer than the egg temperature.
I wash my eggs daily and then refrigerate them for best storage. At room temperature, they will keep a while, but "a day on the counter is like a week in the refrigerator", so mine go right into the frig.
This topic made me CRAZY! I have 4BO, collect eggs daily & store on the counter in an egg carton. Once full put in the frig. I do wash before using (tap water) ... I wash if the egg is dirty when collected, goes in the frig & used next. We all have our own opinion & procedure :hugs

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