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    Maybe we can get an extension until after graduation or until we move?

    Penelope and Lacey are part of the family. Today an animal control officer stop by and told my husband we had one week to remove our beloved chickens. Our fenced in backyard is tiny, so keeping the coop 100 feet from the house is not an option for us. I thought the day may come when this would be a problem. However, I was naïve and thought if it ever became an issue they could just go live out at my aunts ranch. Over the past two years we have grown attached. I cannot handle the thought of them becoming coyote bait at the ranch :(

    College Station allows hens in an enclosure which is no closer than 100’ from the nearest inhabited building (not counting the home of the owner of the poultry enclosure). Rates for annual permits in College Station are set by the City Council; check with the Code Enforcement office for more information. The City of Bryan allows hens in an enclosure no closer than 50’ from the nearest inhabited building.

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    There is a lot of info on how to prepare and go about changing your local ordinances. Unfortunately that doesn't help in the present situation. Changing ordinances takes time and persistence. The birds will have to move to the country. If you've a coop and pen already I don't know why they would be coyote bait. I live in the country and don't loose birds to the abundant predators around me.
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    Just wanted to write a note of support. I've been thinking about getting a few backyard chickens for a few months. However, I know there is a process. First getting an okay from my neighbors. Then some kind of waiver from the City of College Station, then I would have to go to my homeowner's association. Haven't taken the first step yet. And one set of neighbors has a couple of boxers. Nice dogs but I'm afraid they'd tear our fence down trying to get to the chickens. Best of luck to you!

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