Colloidal silver for respiratory infection in chickens.

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    I came home yesterday to a sneezing and wheezing chicken. I quickly removed her and administered 1 cc of colloidal silver 20 ppm. I also soaked a small piece of bread with olive oil and 3 drops of the silver because I was not sure exactly how much of the 1 cc I had gotten down her as she was fighting me. Within a hour she was no longer wheezing. Before bedtime I gave her another 1 cc of the silver with the help of hubby so I was sure I had gotten it down her. She was confined to a large wire dog crate away from the other chickens overnight. In the morning she was fine and this afternoon I returned her to the coop with the other hens.

    I wanted to share this as I have had another hen who had on 2 different occasions over the past couple of years present the same symptoms and the silver had worked successfully and almost immediately.

    Before anyone comes at me with the scare stories of the blue man and arygia, I had carefully researched silver and that condition only arises from using poorly produced silver with a large particle size. I have also used silver on one of my cats, along with ACV, for urinary tract condition, as well as myself for the same condition and we both survived and recovered without turning blue.

    We have also used this successfully on cuts and the sorts of things a doctor would administer over used antibiotics for.

    I got started with silver at the suggestion of a friend. I had chronic urinary tract infections and was becoming resistant to antibiotics. I was down to only 1 antibiotic that worked for me. If anyone has had a UTI it is no fun. I had also lost a much loved pet in the past to chronic UTI's.

    Colloidal silver is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral.

    There is good information on it here>
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    Good to hear. Too many people don't know silver is antiviral etc. I've seen it work though. I've even seen and experienced homeopathics and other forms of medicine work despite my own cynicism. I'm keen on natural remedies because they do work, and without side effects or direct harmful "co-effects".

    My mum's cat and dog went down with some nasty viral disease a little while back (seems to be a variant of parvo) and both animals, which had been very muscular and stocky, both undesexed males in their prime, (ragdoll X tom and staffy X bull dog) shrank to being half as wide as they had been, and skeletal.

    Neither had been fat in the first place so to see them become so thin was shocking. Mum resorted to feeding them ground up pure silver, and both recovered from the brink of death, while all throughout town many animals, dogs especially, died from this. It appeared to be an antibiotic resistant form of parvo and those that were vaccinated died the most.

    I'm very much a fan of the idea that people should never use antibiotics and so forth for common and non-fatal diseases, since we're thereby breeding superbugs, as they say. Here's a little info I found on it recently:
    Quote: I'm horrified at the automatic usage of antibiotics for absolutely everything. If the Americans seem keen on antibiotics as a rule rather than a last resort, well, they've still got nothing on the UK, where they seem even more reliant on everything artificial. Despite these "wonderdrugs" and so forth being used all the time, they have many common issues in every single herd that I would only expect to find in sub-par, very weakly and diseased stock, but they think these are great stock and it's an acceptable standard of health. Frightening stuff. Just because it's normal doesn't mean it's good... Makes me glad we don't import from there overly much!
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    I know that this was posted some years back but wanted to say that i too have had a chicken with the same symptoms and followed the same treatment with great success after two days. Thank you very much. I'm fairly new to keeping chickens (2 years only under my belt) and have always been an advocate of natural medicine for myself and my family. It has been so good to see how colloidal silver, ACV, garlic and some homeopathy (Aconite 30c 3 x daily) have restored my hen to her usual feisty self. Thank you.

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