Colloncas, Quechuas and Quetro breeders? Longshot? lol

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    According to Wikipedia (which actually isn't always accurate), the Araucana, Ameraucana and easter eggers all stemmed from the same three starting breeds (those listed in the title) I was wondering if anyone in the United States was breeding any of the three starter breeds, and had their own line from scratch, of any of the resulting breeds. Or ... are those three breeds listed in the title extinct at this point?
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    Here is a wonderful thread about them. I believe there are a few people on here who breed some of these lovely birds. I have a few I hatched this year. I have a lot to learn about them still.

    I got my birds as hatching eggs from Yashar here on BYC.

    Here is a pic of my Quechua and a Colloncas pullet. I adore these birds.
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    Yay, links! Thank you very much, I appreciate to read about them now! I can see why you adore those birds! I especially like the lighter one's coloring!
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    I guess I was just curious what would happen if one were to start from *scratch* with these breeds to create their own line *from the ground up* of Ameraucanas - was wondering if the blue in their eggs has been diluted over the years from people (maybe) not being quite as picky as they (maybe) should have been with regard to their culls, etc. I've seen pictures of a lot of different Ameraucana eggs (untouched pictures) and I couldn't believe the differences in color of those eggs. Some were extremely blue and others were just 'meh'...diluted looking. But, the birds themselves looked the same. Makes me wonder is all...what might happen if someone were to start all over with the flour and the sugar and the egg, etc...instead of just a brownie box with premix. =)
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    those are very interesting birds wish they were here in canada
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    my friend had (might still have) some of these (I forget which one but it was tail-less) their eggs where the diluted looking blue. I have mixed breeds that lay a bluer egg so I didnt get any from her when she was trying to get me to take some. I don't know if it does but I hope this helps you on your question

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