Colony Raising Rabbits, anyone?


6 Years
May 3, 2015
We have had a handful of Rex and mini Rex rabbits as pets for the past few years. We have breed one doe twice, her last litter was over a year ago out of which we kept three daughters and they all live together in a 12x12 horse stall with tables and huts. I have been wondering about breeding one or two does, but will I need to separate them out or can everyone continue to live as one big happy bun family? They've all gotten along fantastically and enjoy each other. I am thinking that I will need to make sure that there are two or three times as many boxes to go in as there are does, currently they all huddle together to sleep in one 16"x16" box and leave the other three to poop in lol. I've not quite found the answers I'm looking for as far as colony raising rabbits, if one of the does will hurt the others kits or if this will cause fights or do they just figure it out so long as there is space for everyone?
I would imagine it would not end well in that small of space. Honestly from my experience they can get along in groups until one of them changes (pregnancy, injury or even an absence for a few hours) and then it doesn't end well without intervention.
Thanks for the thoughts!
So far absence for a few hours hasn't been an issue for them. And since having them together we've made two moves, they have had 4 different "rooms" or "stalls" in that time, so changes such as those haven't effected them.
I will probably end up separating the doe or two that we breed. I was just curious.


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