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    Aug 6, 2014
    I incubated 2 dozen CL eggs this spring obtained from local hens from 2013 Greenfire Farms chicks. I ended up with 1 cockerel and 4 pullets. The cockerel is 16 weeks old and the pullets are about 12. I contacted my egg source with a question and was informed that due to her disappointment in the coloring, she is keeping her hens for eggs but discontinuing her line of CL. She also said that the CL roosters were a bit aggressive with her children. Her breeding flock will now be Cochins.
    I don't know exactly what to expect with regard to color. I would expect stock directly from Greenfire Farms to be more consistent. It appears that 2 of my pullets will have some sort of crest. The other 2, I don't think so.
    Where can one obtain accurate photos of the proper color of CLs and what can one do to improve color in their flock?
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    Hi there - it may be a good idea to take and post some photos of the birds you have. That would allow those familiar with CL to comment on the color, crest, etc of the birds you have and whether you might yet see change/improvement as they mature, etc. As to improving color - the only way to improve any characteristic in a flock is by obtaining stock that has the desired improvement and can bring that to the birds you produce.
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    There are some good threads here on CCLs. I don't breed them myself, but from cruising their threads, my understanding is the Greenfire lines may have left something to be desired with the autosexing genetics. Plus, there was such a craze for them, lots of folks aren't culling properly for autosexing traits and coloring. But do a search for the breed and you'll find some good threads.

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