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10 Years
Nov 23, 2009
Orange Grove, TX
Is there a place that I can look at probability of color genetics of offspring on Muscovey? I have a lady that wants my Chocolate Pied Drake and wanted to know what the likelyhood would be for chocolate hatchlings if he mates her black pied or silver?

I was also curious on color combos for my flock so I know how to better "pair" the breedings.

Thank you
Yes, you could try this link Scroll down the page until you come the picture of a blue Muscovy & click on the "Muscovy Duck Calculator " It should help

Mating the pied chocolate drake to the black pied should produce all chocolate female progeny while the drakelets will be black but carry recessive sex-linked choc hidden (other hidden recessives could alter colour/pattern outcomes though). I would think that the majority of ducklings would be pied patterned but this could depend on how the choc & black pieds are made?

Mating the choc pied drake to the silver should produce all blue male progeny & all blue fawn female progeny. Again, producing pied patterned progeny will depend on how the choc drake is made that way, & other hidden recessives could alter colour/pattern outcomes also.

Maybe this will help, it's pretty simple to understand and seems to be ture for the ones that i have bred this year.

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