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Hi all,

I have a mixed lot of pantam cochins and some mixes that I don't know what color they are. I hope you can help me?

This is a new roo I got, I don't know anything of his parentage

This one is sister

to this one

Same as last one (on the background) with a similar but more yellow mix. What is the difference in their genes..?

What about this one. What makes her so dark?

More photos of my chickens at

I appreciate any input!
Tries to be partridge
I have partridge and she doesn't look the same. She's way darker and has more black in her.
the black is colored right
the third is a porcelean color of sorts

the dark yellow as you call it is mixed coloring and is a buff with a wry tail which is a DQ
and all the others are just colored chickens
not actual varieties

you need to buy a ABA standard for the color pattrns of cochins
here is some information on them

Cochin (chicken) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Colour varieties include buff, black, partridge, blue, silver laced, splash, golden laced, and white. Cochins also come in a variety called frizzled, ... - Cached - Similar pages

any questions email me
Well, as I'm living in Finland, there's no one to DQ my birds, as we don't have shows or standards. I don't know if I have any use for ABA standard either?

What I'd like to know is what is the genetic makeup of these birds. Just to know how to breed them to get some nice an maybe new (in Finland) colors. And to avoid getting the ugly ones

This is a het silver (=golden) columbian. e^b Co/co+ S/s+


Looks like a light lavender with a rusty head. E/? lav/lav s+


Looks like lavender/isabel birchen. Gold based birchen with lavender dilution. E^R/? lav/lav s+


Looks like isabel het columbian. e^b Co/co+ lav/lav s+


Looks like a melanized partridge/pencilled. e^b Pg/? s+ plus melanizer(s)
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Thanks a lot! Just the type of information I was looking for

What makes the roo's brest so light? Shouldn't it be darker with those genes?

The white chicken, I noticed she has few grey feathers in her tail. One actually shows in the photo. Could she be a golden based splash birchen..? The blue & yellow one is her sister, she is actually a bit darker than in the photo. A light blue golden based birchen perhaps?

I have never had any lavenders, so I don't know how it should look like.
The light breast is the dominance of silver over gold.
The brassy hackles is the remaining leakage of gold and/or other red factors.
He is very typical looking.


They could be splash/blue, but they look very clean.
On that note- Henk69, are you aware of Blbl birds showing a splashed appearence? I have a blue longtail hen, her body base color is a medium-light grey and has very obvious dark spots/flecks all over her.. if I didn't know better would have regarded her as a splash. But only her father had Bl (genotype Blbl). Mother is a cuckoo. Is this something that happens regularly..? Have not bred blues for very long, so far all Blbl birds have even color(in unrelated birds) so this hen is confusing me a little bit.

p.s. had considered the possiblity the mother was a not-obvious blue cuckoo, however none of the other full siblings were splashed, and came out in the expected 1/2 blue 1/2 not blue combination plus this hen bred to another blbl rooster previously produced no blues.
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