color genetics: red quill versus ginger

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    Sep 19, 2009
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    In my games I have three color types repressented by males. First is wild-type (black breasted red with duckwing), second is what I am calling either ginger / brown breasted brown red, and third is redquill. Hens come in three color-types as well with some looking like red jungle fowl (female version of wild-type), another that looks very similar although reddish brown is on shoulder (always immediate kin to ginger / brown breasted brown red males), and the red quill. As as chicks all three types distinguishable, wild-type is chipmunk striped, ginger / brown breasted brown-red is similar although lighter with narrow stripe down back, and the red quill is a more solid brown excepting for light patches on head. I am beginng to think the brown breasted brown-red allele is dominant to wild-type. Can that help me determine what coloration in second type I actually have?

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