Color Genetics: Welsummer/ Easter Eggers

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  1. everythingjane

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    Mar 8, 2009
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    I'm curious about doing a cross for olive eggers...

    With a Welsummer rooster, what colors of Easter Egger hens would yield the most colorful offspring?

    I'm mainly thinking/wanting colors other than the regular Welsummer browns.

    What could I expect from blue EE hens? I know how blue/black work together- but I don't know brown interacts..

  2. CountryMom

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    Jun 21, 2008
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    If you are talking about an Easter Egger, then you are basically talking about a breed that comes in almost every color. I have just a few of your typical EE's and bred them a couple months ago to see what we ended up with. Our roo seems almost a dark blue with lots of red and yellow hackle feathers while our hens are red headed - your typical partridge look.
    Here is a pic...

    We ended up with so many different colors it wasn't funny. I kept a trio and sold off the rest. One pullet we kept is actually extremely light colored. From what I can see almost a golden duckwing? And the roo I kept is a lighter shade of Daddy. So as you can tell, the EE is kind of like a wild card. At least from my one and only breeding of them. Now I plan on adding in a Marans/EE cross to make even prettier colors. Could possibly end up with olive eggers there also.
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    I'm curious about this, because we got 3 chicks out of the EE bin at the feed store, and were home for an hour before we noticed the one light one we chose has no muffs at all- so not having had a chipmunk-looking chick before, I had to look at lots of chick-pics to figure what it may be. [​IMG]

    We settled on Welsummer.

    It occurred to me then that if Estes breeds their EEs for color, could we have an olive egger? Ask me in 6 months, but I'd be delighted if it were so!!! [​IMG]
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    Jul 23, 2008
    I bought two Easter Egger chicks last spring that looked like chipmunks. One feathered out with lots of white (with grey/brown) and has muffs; the other feathered out with a lot of red/buff and doesn't have muffs. They both lay green eggs.
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    Quote:I can't wait!

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