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The lighter keets are supposed to be Lavenders, the browns were in the Pearl pen, lOL they are NOT pearls. Looking more like Chocolates to me, but, they are my 1st keets so I'm sure not positive. I'll post newer pics in a few as soon as I can upload them.
Thanks bunches...
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Keets are approx 4-5 wks


I can see very light blueish dots and barring on the lighter 'lav" keet, not seeing any on the darker smaller keet. On the "Browns" They are almost the same color as my Americaunna and Wellsommer chics!
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Pearl Grey keets are brown/tan striped when hatched, and they will go thru a couple molts and change more from brown to grey as they go, but they do not get their adult pearl grey feathers until they turn about 12 wks old. Looking at your pics, I'd say those are most likely Pearl Grey keets. Chocolates would not be as dark brown and they would have noticeably larger spots and a light edging to their feathers, as opposed to any obvious pearling at this age.

Your Lavenders look more like Lite Lavenders to me in these pics... do you have any better quality pics you can post of how they all look currently? I can most likely tell you exactly what they are if you can provide better pics.

Sorry, but I can't give you an accurate comparison to chick colors, because I only raise and breed Guineas, HUNDREDS of them
Thanks! LOL I'll try to get some close-ups before dark and post. The multi molt thing is vexing since every time I look they look different as new feathers come in. Appreciate the help
Still hard to tell from those pics, especially at that stage of feathering out, lol (sorry!). But the dark keets still look like Pearl Grey keets and light keets still look like Lavender keets to me so far.... if one of the Lavenders is lighter than the other (but has identical head markings), it's probably a Lite Lavender. What do/did the stripes on the Lavender's heads look like?

Here's a pic of one of my Lite Lavenders, one of my Coral Blues and one of my normal Lavenders together for comparison, maybe that will help you ID your light birds...
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I think you are right on the dot. The stripes on their heads look just like your pic with the lite Lav. One is just a hair darker like the coral blue. But, not showing the white spots n dots, just solid body color (That's the smaller one of the 2). I'll see if I can snag that lil one tomorrow and see if it's showing any pattering on open wings. And, on the PG's they are showing the darker grey on some of their outer wing feathers. Sorry the pics arent helping more. All I have is a cheapo cell ATM.
I sure appreciate the help. LOL, growing up as a kid I hated guigeas. My uncle had a BUNCH and the buggers all parked under my window and woke me up before the chickens even got moving
. We lived across the street but his guineas liked our house better, I guess!
They do make great watch dogs. And, for some reason I had to have some, just too cute to pass up! They have been a challenge, so far, trying to keep them in one of my old kennels.But, my tarp got taken off by the wind and I have to get a replacement , until then, or, they get big enough not to be cat snacks, I had to rig a string web and hang old CD's in various spots. So far its working! Throws off their aim for the top rail of the kennel, I guess. Dad says it looks like a guinea disco! I think I read about the CD's working to keep birds from eating your fruit in trees. Have to try them on my peach trees next year, lOL!
The head stripes (or lack there of) are the biggest clue as to how they will feather out (fully Pearled, Partially Pearled, or Solids), then color shade is the next factor. Since they molt so many times before actually getting their adult plumage, going by the pattern of their baby feathers usually doesn't help too much, and for a while Fully Pearled and Partially Pearled juveniles look very similar (if they are in the same color range obviously).

Get some head shots of each one in the next photo op if you can, lol
LOL will do!They are getting wise about when I walk in with something other than food

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