Color mixing results ..showgirl x silkie


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
I came across these pics & decided to share more of my results from color mix expiraments.

This Time I used my Buff female ..perfect buff coloring- no smutt at all..just perfect. Her color, much richer than the pic shows..bad camera washed her out.
Her background..i believe the breeder might have used splash in with her buffs at some theres a good chance she has some..I had heared that somewhere.

I bred her to my moms White showgirl roo ..i wish I had a describe him ..poor quality & solid white idea of his background..since he was a showgirl, who knows what his white was hiding.

Together this is what we got


Unfortunately we never got to breed her, but I LOVED this color..creamy body with the light blue crest- I call it sealpoint.

I would love to recreate this color & have it breed consistant..Im working on a similar project right now, amongst some others. Theres nothing more exciting when it comes to silkies uncommon colors.
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