Color of Bantam Cochin ~Cuckoo or Barred?~

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  1. This is my 1 year old cochin rooster. I thought that he was a barred cochin, but now im thinking cuckoo cochin. Is he cuckoo?

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    Great Question and one I'd like to know also. So anyone answewring this thread could you include any distinguishing characteristics between Cuckoo Marans and Barred Rocks?? I have 4 hen/pullets, 2 with short tails and 2 with hardly no tail. 14 weeks old.
    I know I could wait until they start laying but I would really like to know if I have some of both.
    Thanks for the thread.
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    Jun 1, 2008
    someone posted on another thread that barring is a cleaner more distinct line, but i believe genetically,its the same.i mean it produces the same color chicks. i have barred cochin hens, but its hard to say what he is because his hackles look cuckoo, but his lower half looks barred,and i don't have any roos to compare him to.
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    I think that technically, there is no Cuckoo Cochin, named as such. They are called Barred Cochins. Their barring has never been sharp like a Barred Rock because of the soft fluffiness of the feathers. Barred Rocks are sleeker birds.
  5. Quote:Really? That is interesting. I was looking up on the internet to see which color he was and I came across both cuckoo and barred cochins. Illl have to do some more reasearch. [​IMG]
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    He looks cuckoo.
    I borrowed this from another site, a well written post of pics from feathersite, with examples for you.
    barred plymouth rock lays brown eggs, single comb, white rock + white cornish = cornish x, just an idea of how heavy they are. Their feathers are neat bars, black(or grey) and white. lighter color (further spread out the barring is) its a male, darker coloring, its a female. They have yellow legs

    cuckoo marans (marans is both singluar and plural)lays wonderful, dark chocolate brown eggs. single comb. heavy breed, 8 lbs. their feathering is much like a barred rock, but a little more crazy, in random patterns. although many barred rocks (hatchery barred rocks) have cuckoo coloring now. white/pinkish legs. same rule applies, dark = female, light = male

    dominique lays brown eggs, rose comb, beautiful feathering. as chicks, dominique pullets have a distinct spot on it's head and a shadow on the front of the feet & legs. a cockerel has a fuzzy head spot and no foot/leg shadow.

    Hope this helps, your little one is a cutie, but it looks like a Cochin, with the less precise patterning that the barred Cochins have, kinda like the silkies do...
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    Cuckoo Cochins? Really? I'd never heard of them in all my reading. Interesting! On the cuckoo vs barred, in hatchery stock specifically, it's hard to tell the difference sometimes. Thanks, Sundown. I'll check that out.

    Ok, now I know why I hadn't heard of them. On Feathersite, in standard Cochins, there aren't any. There is one under bantam Cochins, though, plus a Lemon Cuckoo, etc. So, learn something new every day, huh?
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    You know he does look kinda Cuckoo to me. I love that picture. A very handsome roo and the sunrays in the background, is very nice.
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    Apr 29, 2007
    I am kind of new to Cochins, but have nevere heard of a Cuckoo either, but for comparison here are pics of Minnie and Knickers, my barred pair.

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    He is more of a cuckoo than a barred, but chances are, he was bred as a barred.

    Here's a barred rock

    Compare the pattern to this maran

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