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    Can anyone tell me why some of my fresh chicken eggs have dark yokes and others have light colored yokes?
    I have 30 chickens, 20 are Cochin and the rest are mix-match so in turn I have no idea who is laying which
    egg (except the blue eggs are from the Armercauna for sure).....

    so...why do I have different colored yokes??
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    Jul 17, 2011
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    The only reason I can think is that that particular bird has been munching on some green vegetation that the others aren't. I know among my flock, certain birds appear to have certain things they prefer to eat that the others do not. And, some simply venture farther afield, perhaps giving them more shots of the greenery that makes for that orange color. That's my best and only guess.
  3. critters

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    thanks! had this posted under 'egg laying ' and it seems they think about the same thing....that the more greens and bugs they eat the darker or orange colored the egg yolk is and the lighter egg yolk is more tyipcal in the winter when they eat mostly grains..

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