Color of Naked Neck?


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
I was looking through tons of pics on this group and can't seem to figure out what color my naked neck might be? Just curious, she makes me think of my Easter Egger colors. I know she is still young but any input would be nice.

I had a NN pullet start off that colour too. she lost most of the brown when she grew up and is now 95% reddish buff with just a few brown feathers in the wing and 1 or 2 black tail feathers.
From my experience she will be red with white down around her neck. Her cap is red so I doubt her chick markings will carry to adulthood. As babies my chicks seemed to be different with their feather markings, some had yellow caps and others were red. The only difference now that they are grown is the chick w/ green legs still has green legs and Annie Black, the only black feathered one is still black. The others are alike as peas in a pod now. They are giving me pullet eggs now, and they are just 5 months.
Reddish is my guess too, with a black tail.

Those markings are due to certain genes that make the little bars and speckles. But a lot of hatchery stock NN also have another gene that eventually turns them mostly solid colored. This same gene is not very common in EE so they don't turn 'one color'...

Then again most NN are deliberately mixed, both by color or breed so there is some chance it will look different anyways. Gamble on red until 'proven otherwise' though...
Ahhh here we go, this is what you could end up with, as it looks somrthing like mine when younger
Cool, I was hoping she would be red. She had all red fluff as a little chick, but then the black started showing up with the red and didn't know what she would be then. And all your Naked Necks look beautiful!!
She is starting to look more red everyday. Look at her now at 3 weeks!! Also her neck is starting to turn red, is that normal for her age?

Thanks all for your help!
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