Colorado - Thanks I have my testers.

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13 Years
Apr 18, 2007
I have more eggs than I know what to do with.

My bators are full. I need a couple of people to test some Red Bourbon Turkey eggs, Pekin Duck eggs, & Saxony Duck eggs. I have put a few in the incubators but still a little early to be certain of fertility.

So here's the deal. First two people to post "I want to test the eggs". You pay postage on a regular flat rate box $9.85. Paypal to [email protected]. I will put a least 6 eggs of whoever is laying to be mailed on Wednesday and then again on Friday.

Please let me know how the eggs arrive, how they test for fertility, and how they hatch.

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I am in Co, I'd test eggs, but I don't have paypal
YES!!! My incubator is empty and I haven't been having such good luck with shipped eggs though all of my own eggs hatched without a hitch! If you have enough extras I'll meet you anywhere to get some eggs and test hatch them.
Well it looks let I have my testers.

patyrdz eggs to ship on Wednesday.

jmhappycowboy eggs to ship on Friday (Only Turkey)


Bluesilver if you want duck eggs for Friday your in.
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