colorful egg basket auction dotts, marans,EE, sizzles/ silkies 10+


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May 5, 2007
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my incubator is full so I am passing these along to the sucessful bidder of my auction.
auction will include 10+ eggs from the following:
white wyandotte roo (beleived to be dominate white based on currently hatched chicks) over blue laced red splash hens- will produce produce splash blr hens and buff laced wyandotte roos and over 1 white wyandotte hen. chicks should have very nice type. most of the eggs will be wyandottes.
also you will recieve easter eggers from white wyandotte over a blue ameraucana hen (should produce white chick, green egg layers)
and white wyandotte over wheaton marans should produce more autosexing chicks, white hens (will lay a darker egg but lighter then a marans) and buff laced roos.
buyer will have the option of silkie and sizzle eggs as part of the 10+ or they may choose all large fowl.
hens are splash, citrus, white and a blue sizzle covered by black, white or red barred roosters.

I wrap eggs in bubble wrapped , fertility has been excellant here but I can't guarantee what happens when they leave my hands for shipping. I did ship eggs last yr that had 8/8 hatch rate to the other side of the country. I'm hoping your hatch rate is as good. Eggs will ship on tuesday.
the father of all the chicks

the hens



and these are the optional silkie/sizzle eggs layers

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