Colorful Lavender Split Silkie Cockerel - Catdance Silkies


9 Years
May 22, 2010
Offering a really colorful lavender split cockerel. It was pretty much impossible to catch the true colors of this little guy with the camera, but he is just stunning. He is around 4 months old, vaccinated for Marek's disease at hatch and comes from an NPIP certified and AI tested clean flock. Has all 5 toes, but poor separation between 4/5 on both feet. He is going to be one pretty rooster when he grows up and could be a very good breeder for a blue partridge program. He will be bathed and trimmed as necessary prior to shipment and will be shipped to you in a new usps approved shipping box with plenty of fruit and/or vegies to keep him hydrated on his trip. It is too hot here to ship right now, but I expect to be able to start mailing birds by the end of the month. Please contact me for payment details.

I really need him for getting Lavs but the shipping costs more then him
Why can't shipping be free
Guess you will have to take that up with USPS:) Since they are already in the process of going broke, I doubt they will have much sympathy LOL. Looking at the big picture though, it would still cost you more to drive up and get him with gas prices so high!

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