Coloring genetics on English Red with blue rooster with laced Wyandottes

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    I want to get into English Orpingtons but can't afford it yet. I did manage to find 2 roosters. A red? and a blue. I didn't have any Wyandotte roosters to put with my laced and solid hens. This year, I am learning to keep better records and the need for space to separate the breeds of chicks at birth. Anyway...I have the blue in with my BLRW hens, and the red with my black laced, Blue laced, and solid blue Wyandottes. Problem is I have all my chicks mixed in together. Marans, Cochin crosses, Speckled Sussex, and Black Jersey Giants. I have no idea who is who or who could be who? Lots of blue and blue barred, black and black barred, some with a few feathers on feet "either Marans or Cochin cross", red and a few white chipmunk color, Some with eyeliner some not. I know this is a loaded question but I am just getting into genetics and this is what I had to work with LOL. I don't care about anything but the Orpington crosses. I kept 4 chicks from my incubator trial run and they are huge and beautiful, 1 buff hen out of Cochin X red, 1 speckled cream hackled buff over blue roo, 1 buff over blue hen, and 1 blue partridge hen. I know this is long and probably not of much importance to most of you but I am a beginner and interested in genetics. I bought a book but it wasn't much help as it told me what I already knew about blue genes and not too in depth. If no answer, I'll just wait and see as they get older. Did learn a lesson here though. Blues in pic are now in with red roo [​IMG]
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