Colors of my Roo and offspring color possibilities?

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    Nov 18, 2016

    This is Elf, out of a buff Orpington hen and whose father was a supposed Splash ( came from a swap) but looked Lavender.
    I bought black sex-link and red sex-link pullets from Tractor Supply this spring.
    One of my black girls went broody and hatched 4 and the other five finished out in the incubator ( other hens came and deposited their eggs on hers...).
    I've been reading and am trying to learn all of the lingo ( lots to learn but I'm familiar with horse color genetics, which helps somewhat).
    So, obviously, I'm curious as to what the possibilities are with their offspring. I realize that the sex-links are cross-breeds will not breed true and that they themselves can't produce the sex-link offspring/ characteristics they displayed as chicks.
    That said, I thought my Roo was simply a buff/lavender cross, but in my search to find out what he is, he looks very much like a lemon cuckoo/ lavender? Upon closer inspection, it appears he has barring on his head/neck feathers.
    The red hens in his picture are potential moms of this cross, as well as black hens.
    This is mom with her the first couple:[​IMG][​IMG]

    I will post some better pictures of all of them, but these are what I have for now. Two seem to be regular buff ( but one of them has lavender wing feathers coming in and the others are buff/gold).
    One is much more white with flecks of black/gray ( splash? )
    The newest hatchling from last night is mostly dark gray.

    I appreciate any and all input!
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    Hi, welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    Any lavender will express itself as black. Unless it is lav cross lav. Because lav is a recessive gene. So you would get buff chicks with some black on them if he was indeed Lav. I think he isn't though.

    Lemon cuckoo, maybe.

    The chick farthest to the right on the last pic would be closest to lav.... but isn't. My splash Marans looked so close to Lav at birth and for a little while after that I thought he was one of my Orpington until I noticed the feathers on his legs.

    Your boy is pretty. [​IMG]

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