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    I wish someone would brake down the colors that peacocks makes that is smarter than me.Like if u put a IB male with a white girl what would u get.
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    Jan 10, 2014
    When you say IB, I assume you mean Barred wings not Black shouldered? If so, the IB barred wing is going to be dominant and therefore will hide the other colors and patterns. So if you cross a pure IB BW with white your bird will be IB split to white, you may see some white wing feathers and some white on throat(although this is not certain). IB BW crossed with purple, or cameo, or bronze, or any other color you get a bird that looks IB BW but carries the recessive genes for those other colors. For example IB BW x Bronze looks IB BW but carries genes for Bronze. In order to get anything else out of an IB parent you need that parent to be Not pure, if it is already split you may get other colors or patterns. IB crossed with a green you get a spalding which is a hybrid you do not get splits when crossing blue to green. Hope this helps a little, I tried to state it as simply as possible as I know it can be very confusing, and I'm no expert. [​IMG]
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