colour genetic code of this spotted grey turkey?


8 Years
Jun 30, 2011
Basque Country, Spain

purebreed Mallorquín Tom (100% black) x Royal Palm hen

I'd like to know exactly the colour genetic code of this spotted grey turkey.
I have planned to cross him with a wild Florida hen and 2 grey sisters.

Besides, I want to cross a Royal Palm tom with females of differents colors (black, grey, brown bronce and grey-brown) All these females are the result of the cross Majorca X Royal Palm.
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Black ¿ C+C+ BB R+R+ d+d+ N+N+ E+E+? x Royal Palm b1b1cgcg ngng

and the Turkey genetics Calculator says that all the progeny is black, and I have obtained blacks but not too many.

Pics of my chicks. Gray and Black.

Brown (bronce?) chick.

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Thank you, Red Rooster! I'm also learning a little.
You're welcome!

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