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    2 colour questions:
    If i cross a brown Chinese male with a white tufted roman female, what colour will the gooslings get?

    And, if i cross a white Roman male with a brown chinese female, what colour will the gooslings get?
  2. You will get sex linked goslings.
    Brown gander x tufted female(white)= white males and pied and/or dilute females

    Tufted gander(white) x brown chinese goose=
    White females and pied and/or dilute males

    There is a thread that claims that this is reversed but it isnt that is how mine turned out. The dilutes are rare to get, i have not hatched any living dilutes yet. My only one never made it out.
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    The goslings will nearly always turn the same colour of the gander parent eg. Dark colour(brown) is domient of light colour(white) with males and reversed with females too make it less confusing ( when a chinese brown (male)and embden(female) mate the goslings when older will be brown and some might have bits of white on it and have orange or orange with black specks on the beak )

    (if you have a embden gander and a brown chinese female you will get goslings that turn out lavander or white with a few black feathers on it with orange beaks and a tiny knob that wont grow oviously )

    i dont know with buff geese tho.

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