colour sexing 4 w/o chicks. (edited with pics)

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    I have 3 little chicks, their mother is an isa brown and their father is either a barred rock (2 of them certainly are) or a buff orphington bantam. There's one that doesn't look like the others, they have barres over their red wings and tail while the rest of them is a deep red like their mother, the other s a yellowish colour with no black barring.

    What i'm asking is, is the cross between an isa brown and a barred rock the type that will show different colours for different sexes? It's totally plausable that the buff orphington is simply the father of the reddy-yellow one.

    this is a picture of them side by-side.
    this is the yellow-red one
    and this is one of the barred ones
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    They are all from your buff orp roo. If the father was the barred rock all chicks would be barred, male and female.

    Sex linking only works if the barred bird is the hen and the "red" bird is the father.

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