COLOUR SEXING CHICKS Can a black leghorn be x with a lightsussex

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Hi I know you can put brown or buff leghorn over a LS and get colour sex chicks that's the red factor isn't it.
    What I don't understand is why a Black L cant be used for the same purpose. As surely black is in the red genetic line? as colour variations are dilutes of others in a lot of cases.
    Every time I do a search on the subject it comes up with buff or brown but no explanation of why it does or doesn't work.
    Am I in the right place to ask this question [​IMG]
  2. Not sure if I completely understand your question but this is how sex linking works -
    Male birds have 2 copies of the Z allele (mammals use X and Y, birds use Z and W), females have Z and W.
    W has nothing attached to it, nothing, nada, it's completely useless. So what you do is you breed a recessive rooster to a dominant colored hen. So the rooster has to apply a Z, the recessive gene, and if its a boy, the girl will add a Z, but a dominant color attached to the Z, so all boys will look like the mom. The girls, however, will get the W gene, which has nothing attached, so it'd look like the dad.
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    So brown / buff is recessive, LS dominant. So breeding a buff roo over a LS hen, would get you buff girls and LS boys (that could be reversed)
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