Columbia Missouri Meat Bird Clinic (ammo to fire at city councils)

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    Search the Columbia Daily Tribune's archive for Chicken Ordinance and you will find other stories. This is the latest:

    I posted some of the article commentary in the Meat Bird Section but some folks won't go there. However, I'll quote the `Urban Agriculurist' (Columbia Center For Urban Agriculture) as it might be useful:

    (Responding to a commentator who complained about the offal generated by butchering)

    bpolansky1 (anonymous) says...

    To clarify, the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture isn't necessarily encouraging chicken owners to raise their birds for meat over eggs. The intent of the workshop was to educate chicken-owners on how to deal with a hen in the case that it:

    *Stops laying
    *Becomes injured
    *Happens to be a rooster

    As far as health concerns, it is absolutely legal to bring home a deer, wild fowl, etc. and process them at your home, as long as it is for personal consumption; and the citizens of Columbia have been doing this for years without dispute.

    There are still open spaces for the next workshop on September 11th, anyone interested in participating, please reserve your bird by contacting [email protected]

    The event is free to the public, and even if you aren't interested in participating, you are welcome to observe!

    Billy Polansky
    Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture​
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