Columbia, SC area - 1 year old male pekin duck looking for a home

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    I rescued "Barney" from an apartment parking lot where he was living by a dumpster after his family moved out and left him. Unfortunately, I have many elderly and gimpy ducks and Barney is just too young and active for me to feel comfortable with them together now that spring has started to arrive. I recently moved to the Columbia, SC area so I don't know folks here who might be interested in Barney but I'm hoping someone on BYC might like to adopt him. Ducks need a secure spot for night time, just like chickens and need to be fed good feed just like chickens (they can eat chicken feed, gamebird feed, turkey feed, waterfowl feed). While they enjoy a pond or pool, it is not necessary - they have a great deal of fun just with a bowl or bucket of water too. Ducks don't like to be alone so Barney would certainly like to have a friend, especially a girl friend. Barney is not a particularly large or heavy pekin. Please email me if you are interested and thank you for considering him. I'm willing to drive him an hour or so from Columbia for a good home.
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    Feb 2, 2011
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    Is he friendly? I have some pekin ducklings coming up.....not sure if they are male or female yet. Have a bunch of chickens now though.
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    Thank you for responding to me! I believe I have found Barney a home so we're good now. Thank you. Enjoy those duckies. :)

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