Columbian Pekin rooster for FREE.

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    Free rooster to loving home!!
    He is a pet and needs to go to a home fast because I can no longer keep him due to his crowing.
    He is super friendly and won't hurt a fly. His crow is very quite so it shouldn't wake you up in the morning but its loud enough for our grumpy neighbors to complain. He is amazing pet and I am devastated to have to re-home him so only can be sent to loving homes!

    He has a little bit more black than the usual Columbian chook if you are looking for a rooster to breed from.
    PLEASE GET IN CONTACT. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED by replying to this post! PICK UP ONLY-sorry unless it is not far then I can make some arrange something.
    He is the rooster on the right[​IMG] We have found him a home now!
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  2. Alright [​IMG] great to have you joining the BYC flock [​IMG]

    You need to do this in the buy sell trade trend but you will need to have made 20 post and I see you only have 3 right now but if you just say Hello to another 17 new members you will un-lock that feature to use the Buy-Sell-Trade Trend .....

    Hope you enjoy the BYC fokes [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    [​IMG] It would help if you would state that country or area you live in. You call him a Pekin, so I am wondering if you are from UK. In US he would be a cochin.

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