Columbian Plymouth Rock LF eggs EXTREMELY RARE in USA - 12+

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  1. My Columbian Rock ladies are laying well in spite of the cold weather!! I currently have an incubator full and will offer another dozen "plus" to the lucky winner of this auction. There are so few breeders of this variety of Plymouth Rock....we need to broaden the availability of this color pattern wherever we can.

    Fertility and hatching has been VERY good!

    I recently shipped an order to WVCHICKEN and theirs hatched around Jan is a quote from a PM I received from them

    "U sent 14 eggs 12 hatched... one didnt hatch other wasnt fertile... we were pleased, very nice chicks.. Thanks"

    Here are a few pictures of the flock I am offering eggs from



    Also, here is a picture of the chicks from WVCHICKEN's hatch


    Picture in the header link is of the cockerel in this flock.

    I am also taking orders for eggs from my Canadian Columbian Rocks. Please PM me for those details and available dates as the waiting list is developing.
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  2. draye

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Wished I could bid. But even if I could it wouldn't do any good I do not have an incubator. I do however would like to have this variety of Plymouth Rock. I bought somne White Rocks in MAr of 2010 (hatchery) and have absolutely fell in love with Plymouth Rocks.
  3. AZBootsie

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    Nov 10, 2010
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    Beautiful Birds!!

    My incubator is on back just looking and drooling for now.
  4. BayouPoules

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    Just window shopping![​IMG]
    They are beautiful and first on the "gotta have" list for when the larger coop is finished,. !!!
  5. Does their color count as silver?
    How would you rate their laying?

    (Drat! I know I had another intelligent question, but Boy Child getting off the bus chased it right out of my brain.)

    Umm, how would you compare the temperment of the Columbian Rocks to the White Rocks? Very similar or not at all?
  6. Quote:OK...Columbians are just a color variety of Plymouth Rocks and therefore temperament is the same as White rocks, Barred Rocks, etc

    As far as laying.....I am currently getting 9-10 eggs/day out of 12 girls. I do have a light on them from 5am to 8am in the mornings however.

    As far as "silver" is concerned, genetically they ARE silver wheaten based, which is what allows the slate blue undercolor that is required by the SOP

    Hope that helps

  7. halo

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    Boy they are pretty. I may have to break down one day and get some of these, Scott.
  8. To prevent marital discord, I can't bid right now. He told me to hold off ANYTHING new (eggs included) until the coop is done. And we all know how the weather has been... I'll hold my breath for Spring!

    Yard, my hatchery Barred Plymouth Rocks have the sweetest temperment! I would squat down to their level to try to take a picture. Next thing you know, I have a bird perched on my knee. I couldn't pull weeds with them pecking at my wedding band. (No stones in my ring... I've read "Chicken with a Pearl Earring" some where on BYC!)

    I will watch for future auctions or PM you. Thanks for answering the questions!

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