Columbian Plymouth Rock LF hatching eggs - 1 dozen

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    Its time for Spring hatching!!! Hatch now and have pullets laying before Fall arrives.

    I am in my third year of breeding this rare variety of Plymouth Rocks and the improvements in type can be seen with each year.

    The Columbian Plymouth Rock in LF is among the rarest variety of the Plymouth Rock, and good ones are very difficult to find (took me over 3 years to obtain my original trio). My line is very large & hardy (a customer recently let me know that her cockerel of 7 months weighs in at over 9lbs, no small birds here!), and I’ve gotten feedback from APA judges and long-time breeders that my line is one of very few in the US that is anywhere close to SOP and I have been repeatedly told that I have the finest flock of LF Columbian Rocks in the USA. Eggs will be marked based upon the breeding pen # and I can provide you the details of each breeding pen.

    Price is $50 per dozen, which includes shipping. Paypal or money order only please

    Fertility & Hatchability has been excellent, even on shipped eggs. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot guarantee your results.


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