Columbian Plymouth Rock LF hatching eggs - 12+

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  1. Several folks who bid on my last auction asked if there would be any more....well, I have to "travel" Mon and Tues of next week, so I won't be home to set any eggs for myself. So....I'll offer 1 more auction to be shipped Wednesday, Dec 14 (can be delayed until the beginning of the following week if need be, for longer shipping distances). After this one I will be loading the incubator up for myself as I plan to hatch 75-100 before April.

    For your consideration are 12 + hatching eggs from my Columbian Rock LF flock. My birds originated from a flock in Canada and I obtained them in Nov 2010. I hatched over 80 this past year and kept only the best 9 pullets and 5 cockerels.

    Are they "show quality"??!! I don't really know, but I have been encouraged by several long time Rock breeders to begin showing my best few. I recently donated a pair (cockerel and pullet) to a silent auction that was held at Crossroads and they brought $75, and they were purchased by a Rock breeder who's been in the business 30+ years.

    They ARE extremely rare in the US and I consider myself very fortunate to have a flock going here in the deep south.

    I have already hatched 18 that are in the brooder now and will be hatching for myself all fall and winter. I am not certain how many of these I will be able auction after this one.

    Here are a couple of pictures, taken today, of the flock all together. Also, the rooster in the link is the grandfather to this flock. He is the "Canadian daddy" to the trio I started from.




    Please let me know if you have any questions and Merry Christmas!

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    How large are their eggs, & how well do they lay?
  3. The eggs are Large to Extra Large in size and they do lay well. It does take them a little longer than hatchery raised birds to begin laying. Mine were about 32 weeks old before they started laying. This is pretty common with exhibition bred birds.

    Hope that helps
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    Scott, just gorgeous birds....quick question for you, are you still working w/ blue/black Rocks? Thanks
  5. Quote:I still have a few floating around. 1 blue girl, 3 black girls in the brooder pen. Right now I'm focused on the Columbians and them only.

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