Columbian Rocks and Light Sussex

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    What is the difference between Columbian Rocks and Light Sussex?
  2. While the over all look is somewhat similar, they are two completely different breeds. One is a Sussex and the other a Plymouth Rock.
    Look closer and you'll see a totally different history. Different color legs, different body types, and so forth.

    Good question though. Really good question.
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    Quote: Both are dual purpose fowl , that's about where the similarity ends.
    Columbian Rocks are eb based fowl , eb/eb S/S (S/-) Co/Co .
    Light Sussex are eWh/eWh S/S (S/-) Co/Co ‘Hackle Black’ W+/W+ Id/Id fowl.
    Crossing them would not be a good idea because you would be crossing locus's. That said, their body type is different. The Sussex have a long rectangular body with a level back in the female.
    The breeding for color is completely different. It does not translate between the breeds. eb is Brown based. The Silver Columbian in the eb locus has black striping in the saddle and sometimes black stippling in the white body feathers. Color balancing in this breed is done by evaluation of the undercolor and thus complementary matings in which the undercolor will effect the top color and create proper color patterning.
    In the eWh ( Wheaten) based Light Sussex, the undercolor is white to the skin. No need for color balancing in the undercolor. however, unlike the Columbian Rock, the Light Sussex requires the Hackle Black gene to get the black hackle in the birds. Without it, the Light Sussex would be a white bird with a black tail.
    I am running into this now because I breed Light Sussex. There are very few breeds with the same color genome as the Light Sussex. It is frustrating not to be able to use the extensive lit history of the Columbian Rock in breeding my Light Sussex. But I would rather deal with just the Hackle Black gene, then worry about color balancing the undercolor as the CR breeders need to do. Sussex do have a rich lit history. However the best mating advice for the Light Sussex seems to come from 1934 and onward. Fortunately the Sussex Poultry Club in the UK has a yearbook and newsletter they have put out for many decades.
    Waterford English Light Sussex
    in western PA, USA
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    This was posted on teh Texas thread last week with a discussion on different breeds with this color. I thought this had the Columbian Plymouth Rocks too but just some other breeds with the Silver Columbian pattern. It is also found tin the zillarra varriety of the Euskal Oiloa (Which is what my wife is intrested in).
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